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  • Leptin Regulates Striatal Regions and Human Eating Behavior
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Farooqi et al. present an interesting case study of two adolescents who have congenital leptin deficiency, which is extremely rare. Neither of our annotated papers provided a satisfying role for leptin and its interactions with the reward circuitry. This short report, however, shows conclusive evidence that leptin can alter striatal responses to food images. The authors studied these two subjects before and after a week of treatment with leptin. In A, one can see that for both subjects in the leptin deficient state, activation in the nucleus accumbens and putamen-globus pallidus areas was high. After treatment, such responses were effectively eliminated. B and C show brain images of results noted in A. D illustrates differences between wanting and liking of food, aspects of addiction and reward that we do not consider extensively in our analysis of the controversy.

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