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Brown University Wiki Usage Policy

Please see: http://cis.brown.edu/policy/wiki.php

Related Policies and Support:

Brown University Wiki Service Definition

Please see: http://brown.edu/information-technology/computing-policies/web-publishing-documents/wiki-service-definition

Confluence Users' Documentation

Rather than reinventing the wheel, we simply point to the vendor's documentation on how the wiki works.  If you have additional questions, please contact the Brown Help Desk

User Guide and Documentation (To determine which version Brown is currently using, scroll to the bottom of this page and see the very last line)

Builder 2.0 Documentation

Builder is a third-party addition that Brown has purchased for Confluence.  Without Builder, there isn't much customizing you can do to your wiki space.  With Builder, you can make your wiki space look like your web site or completely different.  It doesn't need to have a wiki look and feel to it.  Here is the vendor's documentation for Builder:

If you have additional questions about Builder, please contact the Brown Help Desk

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