Automated Lecture Capture

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Automated Lecture Capture Service

1. Introduction
  Automated lecture capture is a free service to the academic community. It is available to instructors from 5 campus rooms, the Med Ed school and also some satellite locations.

Automated lecture capture content is distributed via Brown's streaming server and it is viewable from any web browser, on computers and most mobile devices, including Apple.  Automated lecture capture vodcasts (presentation & audio) are also viewable off Brown's iTunes for courses (IT@B).
Rooms with automated lecture capture
  Campus rooms (SD capture): List120, Salomon 101, Salomon 001, Smith-Buonanno 106
  Campus rooms and other locations (HD capture): Barus & Holley 166, Barus & Holley 168, MAC Millan 117, Metcalf Auditorium, Joukovsky Forum; ICERM lecture hall, Med Ed -222 Richmond, CE rooms 101 and 120.
3. Make a Request for automated lecture capture
  Requests for automated lecture capture should be done by using the online request form:
Requests for automated lecture capture should be made with at least one week advance notice.
It is important to specify whether the request is for an entire semester or just for 1 class / event.
What to expect
The automated lecture capture service is provided by a software and hardware application which gets scheduled and monitored by Brown staff. Captured content is generally available for viewing within 24 hrs of the recording. The purpose of this service is to supplement the classroom experience. Due to the nature of the system, errors may occur which result in failed recordings. Contact the Media Production Group if this is a concern.

Content Retention
Automated lecture capture class content is retained for 4 academic years at which point it is then deleted. For the first year the content is live (viewable on the web or on iTunes). From years 2 through 4, the content is archived. Any requests for exceptions can be made by emailing
Confidential and Sensitive Information:
Automated lecture capture content is normally distributed only to the instructors and students in a certain class.
If content is made available publicly, it is the responsibility of the requester to assure that content does not contain any materials or information confidential or sensitive, including personal information of Brown University faculty, staff or students that may be protected by law (e.g., pursuant to FERPA or HIPAA).

Obtaining Permissions:
In the event that publicly made available Echo360 content includes pictures or video / audio recording of students or any other third party, contributor may need to obtain written permission from them in advance of posting content to the web. Contributors are responsible to maintain all obtained permissions in their records.



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