Resending an Email in Gmail

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Find Your Sent Email

Click the Sent Mail link. It appears on the left menu when logged into your mail. If you do not see it in the same position as in the image below, click the More link under your list of folders

Open the Conversation

  1. Click an email conversation to open it. All messages you sent in the conversation will automatically be expanded as seen in the image below.

  2. Find the individual message you would like to resend. If you are resending email that did not go through, you most likely just need to resend your last email, which would be the one closest to the bottom. 

Forward and Add Recipients

  1. Click the drop-down triangle to the right of the message you would like to resend (indicated by the 1 below) and choose the Forward option (indicated by the 2 below).
  2. If desired, remove the "Forwarded Message" lines above your message text
  3. Add the recipients to whom you would like to send the message.
  4. Send the message
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