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Demonstration Manager: Gerald Zani

Plasma lamp.



Mechanics 1A - 1R

Newtonian mechanics, rotational motion, inertia, conservation laws, friction, Hooke's law.

Fluids 2A - 2C

Surface tension, buoyancy, Bernoulli force, viscosity.

Waves 3A - 3D

Simple harmonic motion, damping, driven resonance, standing waves, diffraction, interference.

Thermo 4A - 4F

Convection, radiation, entropy, heat cycles.

E&M 5A - 5N

Gauss's law, fields and currents, conductors and insulators, paramagnetism and diamagnetism.

Optics 6A - 6J

Reflection, refraction, blackbodies, luminosity, diffraction, laser, polarization.

Modern Physics 7A - 7F

Photoelectric effect, semiconductors, particle/wave duality, relativity, X-ray diffraction.

Astronomy 8A - 8C

Solar system, black holes, cosmology, planetary geologies, planetary atmospheres.

Equipment 9B

Lock-in amplifier.
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