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Demonstration Manager: Gerald Zani

Plasma lamp.



Mechanics 1A

Newtonian mechanics, conservation laws, friction.

Fluids 2A

Surface tension, buoyancy, Bernoulli force, viscosity.

Waves 3A

Harmonic motion, resonance, standing waves, diffraction, interference.

Thermo 4A

Convection, radiation, entropy, heat cycles.

E&M 5A

Electric field and force. Magnetic field and force.

Optics 6A

Reflection, refraction, blackbodies, luminosity, diffraction, laser, polarization.

Modern Physics 7A

Quantum Mechanics, atoms, particles, space curvature and relativity.

Astronomy 8A

Solar system, black holes, cosmology.

Equipment 9B

Lock-in amplifier.
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