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Physics Lecture Demonstrations

Demonstration Manager: Gerald Zani

Plasma lamp.



Classical Mechanics

Includes: basic units, scalars & vectors, Newtonian mechanics, rotational motion, center of mass, inertia, conserved forces, friction, conservation of energy, Hooke's law, torque, etc.

Fluid Mechanics

Includes: surface tension, buoyancy, Bernoulli force, viscosity, atomic pressure, etc.

Waves and Oscillations

Includes: pendula, oscillators, simple harmonic motion, damping, driven resonance, normal modes, non-linear systems, transverse waves, longitudinal waves, standing waves, doppler effect, diffraction, interference, etc.


Includes: convection, radiation, heat transfer, entropy, Brownian motion, heat cycles, etc.


Includes: reflection, refraction, total internal reflection, blackbodies, luminosity, diffraction, laser, polarization, Rayleigh Scattering, etc.

Electricity & Magnetism

Includes: static charge, Coulomb's law, conductors and insulators, induced charge, Gauss' law, capacitors, resistivity, fields and currents, paramagnetism and diamagnetism, eddy currents, motors, semiconductors, etc.

Modern Physics

Includes: photoelectric effect, semiconductors, particle/wave duality, relativity, spectra, X-ray diffraction, etc.


Includes: solar system, black holes, cosmology, planetary geologies, planetary atmospheres, life in the universe, etc.

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