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PHYS 0560: Experiments in Modern Physics - Spring 2016

Professor:  Sean Ling

Diffraction pattern produced by an electron beam
through a polycrystalline hexagonal p-graphite crystal.




Lab topics and important and related dates


Physics 0560 Course Syllabus in .pdf format 

Lab Manuals & Important Documents

Current lab manuals (files are in .pdf format)

Equipment Manuals & References

Equipment manuals etc. and Experiment specific resources


Information about the instructors, TAs, and lab staff

Lab Announcements

Check this space regularly for updates and important information

Useful Links

Useful Links

Course Page

Link to the Physics 0560: Experiments in Modern Physics page

Instructors Only

Information for those responsible for this course

Laboratory Safety Training

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  1. I am updating this page....

  2. Oh?  I just made a small correction to you Syllabus and renamed it "Syllabus" so it would preserve the history keeping.  Hope I didn't cause you any trouble.

  3. The file "Syllabus" was the old one, I cannot delete it.  So I just link it to the new one.