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ADVANCE at Brown
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The ADVANCE Program at Brown University seeks to increase the retention and advancement of women faculty in science and engineering by facilitating the path to career success for all faculty.

The Program includes four broad initiatives:

  1. Leadership Program for Women Scientists
  2. Faculty Development Program
  3. Transforming Academic Departments
  4. Visiting Scholars Program

The material on this site is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0548311.  This grant ended in July 2012. 

1. Leadership Program for Women Scientists

Provides different funding mechanisms to encourage women scientists and engineers to assume leadership roles within their scientific community and/or become academic administrators.

Award Impacts & Outcomes

  • Career Development Awards
    Help faculty increase their exposure to senior colleagues at other institutions who can serve as collaborators, role models and sponsors.
  • Scientific Leadership Awards
    Provide research support for women science faculty while they undertake a scientific leadership opportunities.

2. Faculty Development Program

Provides fair and transparent access to the types of resources that support career success at Brown University and the wider scientific community.

Faculty Mentoring

  • Mentoring Resources
    These resources have been collected to provide you with literature and tools to better develop your network locally and nationally.

Sponsored Project Support

  • Sponsored Project Support
    Includes information on internal and external award programs as well as information on university resources for external funding support. Information for new investigators and women science faculty is also included. 

Work-Life Balance

Find here an extensive list of resources for faculty, chairs, and administrators on issues related to work-life balance. Includes information from department chair workshops.

  • Dependent Care
    Includes child care information on Brown University policies, local child care and primary/secondary school information, funding support for faculty, and Ivy League Plus comparison of child care programs.
  • Dual Career
    Includes extensive local employment information as well as resources for academic leadership and policy makers.
  • Privacy Rooms
    Privacy rooms are temporary, private spaces for nursing mothers. Resources include information on the policy and privacy room locations on campus for use by Brown University faculty, staff, and students.

3. Transforming Academic Departments

Builds on the expertise of gender equity scholars to offer a framework for department chair leadership development by providing information about best practices for recruiting and retaining women and minority faculty, managing departmental climate (including countering gender bias), and ensuring faculty success in tenure and promotion reviews.

  • Department Chairs Resources
    Includes department chair workshop presentations and resources for increasing the recruitment and advancement of women and minority faculty.

4. Visiting Scholars Program

Visiting Scholars sponsors public lectures, department chair workshops, and networking sessions for women faculty and graduate students in the sciences. The visitors address a variety of topics including recruiting and retaining women in the sciences, creating faculty mentoring programs, and conducting leadership development workshops for women science faculty.

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