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Private Funding for New Investigators in the Biological Sciences
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This wiki provides detailed information about foundation and corporate awards available exclusively to biological scientists in their first tenure-track position. These opportunities are primarily open to faculty within the first three years of their assistant professor appointment.

Additionally, University Resources for External Funding Support provides information on the offices across campus that work to help ALL FACULTY secure external funding as well as a timeline for contacting these offices during the proposal writing process.

The programs are listed here alphabetically by Award.

Foundation or Corporation
Award Program Disciplines Eligibility Requirements Foundation Proposal Deadline Restricted Submission
Managed by OVPR
Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Clinical Investigator Award
$450,000 paid over 3 years
Supports young physician-scientists (MD/PhD) conducting patient-oriented cancer research.
Any discipline
Nominees must be within FIRST 4 YEARS of their FIRST TENURE-TRACK appointment March 3 Nominations
Research Corporation for Science Advancement Cottrell Scholar Awards
Provides support for faculty mentoring, communication and a heightened appreciation for instruction in university science departments.
  • Biochemistry
  • Biophysics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
Nominees must be within FIRST 3 YEARS of their FIRST TENURE-TRACK appointment April Unrestricted
Wallace H. Coulter Foundation Coulter Translational Research Award
Phase I - $90,000
Phase II - $150,000
Provides support for translational research projects directed at promising technologies with the goal of progressing toward commercial development and entering clinical practice.
Biomedical Engineering Nominees must be LESS THAN 8 YEARS from FIRST ASSISTANT PROFESSOR appointment March
Dana Foundation Dana Program in Brain and Immuno-Imaging Grant
$200,000 paid over 2 years
Provides support for research on imaging innovations that help reveal how the human brain functions normally, how disorders and injuries alter these functions, and how various therapies affect these conditions.
  • Cognitive & Linguistic Sciences
  • Neuroscience
  • Psychiatry & Human Behavior
Nominee must be at the ASSISTANT professor level or early in her/his ASSOCIATE professor career January 1 Nominee
Dana Foundation Dana Program in Neuroimmunology of Brain Cancers and Infections
$200,000 paid over 2 years
Provides support for the study of brain infections and cancers.
  • Molecular, Cellular Biology, & Biochemistry
Nominee must be at the ASSISTANT professor level or early in her/his ASSOCIATE professor career
January 1 Nominee
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Doris Duke Clinical Scientist Development Awards
$405,000 paid over 3 years
Provides support for intensive, mentored research career development to help establish the grantee as an independent clinical investigator.
Any Disease Area Nominees must hold MD/PhD and ASSISTANT PROFESSOR appointment November 2 Nominees
Third nominee eligible if from a historically disadvantaged background
Ellison Medical Foundation New Scholars Program in Aging
$400,000 paid over 4 years
Provides support to new investigators needed to permit them to become established in the field of aging.
  • Medicine
  • Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
  • Neuroscience
  • Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Nominees must be within the first 3 YEARS their research career following their post-doctoral fellowship experience February
2 Nominees
Pew Charitable Trusts Pew Scholars Program in the Biomedical Sciences
$240,000 paid over 4 years
Provides funding to young investigators of outstanding promise in science relevant to the advancement of human health.
  • Medicine
  • Biomedical Sciences
Nominees must be within their first 3 YEARS of their ASSISTANT professor appointment November
1 Nominee
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Physician Faculty Scholars Program
$300,000 paid over 3 years
Provides support at the gap when young investigators have completed their clinical fellowship training and taken their first faculty position by providing mentoring, protected time, networking and the opportunity to gain valuable research experience.
Any Disease Area Nominees must be physicians (MD or DO) in TENURE-TRACK position for no more than 4 YEARS
1 Nominee
Kinship Foundation
Searle Scholars Program
$300,000 paid over 3 years
Provides support to selected academic institutions to support the independent research of outstanding individuals in medicine, chemistry, and the biological sciences.
  • Biochemistry
  • Biological Sciences
  • Cell Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Genetics
  • Immunology
  • Medicine
  • Neuroscience
  • Pharmacology
Nominee must be within FIRST 2 YEARS of tenure-track appointment
1 Nominee
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Sloan Research Fellowships
$50,000 paid over 2 years
Provides support directly to the Fellow's institution and may be used by the Fellow for equipment, technical assistance, professional travel, trainee support, or any other activity related to the Fellow's research.
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Molecular Biology (Computational & Evolutionary)
  • Neuroscience
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
Nominees must be no more than 6 YEARS from completion of most recent PhD or EQUIVALENT
September Unrestricted

Smith Family Foundation
Smith Family Awards Program for Excellence in Biomedical Research
$300,000 paid over 3 years (includes 5% indirect costs)
Its mission is to launch the careers of newly independent biomedical researchers with the ultimate goal of achieving medical breakthroughs.
  • Basic Biomedical Science
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering
  • Physics
Nominees must be within 2 YEARS of first independent appointment
2 Nominees
William T. Grant Foundation
William T. Grant Scholars
$350,000 paid over 5 years
Provides supports for promising early-career researchers in social, behavioral, or health sciences, who have demonstrated success in conducting high-quality research and are seeking to further develop and broaden their expertise.
Any discipline Nominees must be within 7 YEARS of receiving terminal degree and be in a TENURE-TRACK position July 2 Nominees
1 from Division of Biology & Medicine and 1 from departments under Office of the Dean of the Faculty

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Please contact Amy Robb in ADVANCE with questions about this site or for additional help in identifying award opportunities.

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