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University Resources for External Funding Support
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This page provides information on the offices across campus that work to help faculty secure external funding from private foundations as well as a timeline for contacting these offices during the proposal writing process.

Searching for Award Programs

1. Amy Robb, Funding Resources Specialist with the ADVANCE Program, provides individual research consultations in the use of online funding resources including COS Pivot.

Prior to Internal Nomination

1. Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) can help a potential nominee determine the appropriateness of an award program for a given project or purpose. CFR also manages the University's relationships with Foundation prospects and may be able to leverage an existing relationship for the benefit of the grantseeker. Contact CFR at 3-9560 for information including:

  • The University's relationship with the Foundation, including existing relationships that may be leveraged
  • The latest information on the award program focus, research areas of support, and Foundation funding priorities

Internal Nomination Process

1. The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) manages the Restricted Submissions process. Restricted submissions refers to award programs that limit the number of proposals an institution may put forward.

Call for Nominations goes out to department chairs and department administrators approximately two months prior to foundation deadline. Internal pre-proposal materials required include:

  • A written Letter of Nomination from the department chair highlighting the candidate's research and training
    Note: Letters are strongest when they address the candidate's strengths in the context of University priorities.
  • A two-page summary prepared by the nominee of her/his proposed work
    Note: Proposals are strongest when they address the award program's priorities.
  • The candidate's 2-3 page biosketch (blank NIH biosketch)

2. Your Department Chair undertakes a number of roles in the internal nomination process. It is appropriate for you to state to your department chair your desire to be considered for nomination. The chair's role in providing support for these award programs includes:

  • Disseminating research opportunity announcements received from the Office of the Vice President for Research <Research Opps>
  • Identifying potential candidates within her/his department for these opportunities
  • Writing required Letter of Nomination for the internal pre-proposal

Proposal Preparation Support

1. The Office of the Vice President for Research coordinates the next step in in the process for successful internal nominees by providing information including:

  • Securing letters of support from university administrators when required by the Foundation
  • Putting the candidate in contact with the appropriate pre-award administrator in either the Office of Sponsored Projects or Biomed Research Administration, depending on your department.

2. The Office of Sponsored Projects/BioMed Research Administration

  • Assists faculty in negotiating and accepting the terms and conditions of awards
  • Assures compliance by the University with sponsors' policies and requirement
  • Interprets for faculty the regulations of private sponsors
  • Clarifies University policies and procedures for all

NOTE: Faculty should always contact their OSP/BMRA representative as soon as possible when preparing a grant application or proposal.

  • Proposal Summary Approval Form (PSAF)
    The Brown University Proposal Summary and Approval Form (PSAF) is an internal routing document created by the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) to collect and track information regarding proposals being submitted by faculty, students and staff. This document serves as the official institutional record for the University.
    Investigators are required to be submitted the PSFA no less than 5 BUSINESS DAYS prior to the FOUNDATION DEADLINE.
  • PSAF Guide
    The form is broken up into several sections, each section pertaining to different parts of the proposed project and its financial/budgetary aspects and any regulatory and institutional issues it may affect. There is a final section with information regarding approvals and certifications. This guide will break down the sections individually and give definitions for fields and terms.

3. Corporate and Foundation Relations can be reached at 3-9560 to help the candidate with her/his proposal by providing

  • A University-branded proposal template
  • Guidance on proposal tone, language and structure
  • Advice regarding positioning of the proposal

Award Recipient Support

1. The Office of Sponsored Projects/BioMed Research Administration is responsible for a range of award administration and post-award activities including:

  • Establishing and monitoring sponsored research accounts
  • Preparing interim and final financial reports in a timely manner
  • Administering cash receipts
  • Disseminating information to PIs and administrators on a range of topics related to post-award administration

2. Corporate and Foundation Relations provides ongoing support to investigators throughout the life of the award by providing help including:

  • Providing acknowledgment letters to the Foundation
  • Assisting in the preparation of reports describing project outcomes (stewardship reports) as needed
  • Coordinating post-award contact with the Foundation for the award recipient

3. The Office of the Vice President for Research serves as the repository for University grant proposals activities by providing support including:

  • Tracking success rate of Brown nominees
  • Maintaining a Resource Library of success proposals
  • Coordinating introductions between previous award winners and current Brown candidates
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