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3D Marker Models

  1. Open Horos
  2. Under Patient Name in the opening screen, select the CT model you are working on, and click 2D viewer.
  3. Select the gear button (which reads 2D/3D underneath) and choose 3D surface rendering.
  4. Under Predefined Values, choose CT - Metal
  5. Select OK
  6. Only your markers should appear in the view. You can toggle the view using the Mouse button functions at the top left corner of the screen. 
  7. If the model seems messy (there are dots that don't appear to be markers, or some of the markers appear to be missing or have large dents in them), you can select Surface Settings and modify the Pixel Values.
  8. When you are finished, select the gear button that reads Export 3D-SR underneath, and choose Export as Wavefront (.obj)
  9. This is typically named something similar to 3DFile_MarkerModel.