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  • Convert a single cine file to sequentially numbered tiffs
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In Phantom cine viewer open the cine file, for example "Kia_cam1_run33.cine"

Click on "Convert" button, in the lower right hand of the screen.

Choose the type of tiff: 8 or 12 or 16 bit tiff (the second number after the comma is for color images, e.g. so 8bit per channel =24)

Then in the file name box type:   Kia_cam1_run33.+5.tiff

 +5  inserts a image number starting from 1, thet 5 specifies how many digit counter places will be used for the image number.

don't forget the dots (.) , if you want to have dots separating your original file name from the sequence number.

Now click "Save"

you should now have a image sequence like this:






(this instruction was tested on Phantom software version 675)

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