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Instructions for Editing the TOC

If you wish to edit the TOC, please keep in mind that formatting in Wikis is sometimes difficult, and a specific formatting needs to be maintained in the TOC for it to work.

For each each category, the formatting in the Wiki Markup is as follows.

h2. {expand:title= Insert_your_Header_Here}

h4. --- Insert_sub-item_#1_here\\ --- Insert_sub-item_#2_here\\ --- Insert_sub-item_#3_here\\ --- Insert_sub-item_#4_here\\



To add another heading, or add an additional sub-item to a heading, use the Wiki Markup and type in or copy in consistent formatting. Make sure to include all spaces and back-slashes. 

Do NOT copy and paste or attempt to change formatting from Rich Text. Rich Text should only be used for linking other pages and changing text.

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