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  • Extract angle between two x-ray cameras from mayaCam files
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  • what you need
    • mayaCam files for both x-ray cameras (these are created and stored along with the DLTcoeffs files)
  • what you get
    • a readout of the angle between the x-ray cameras (same as angle between x-ray tubes or between image intensifiers)
  • what to do
  1. In Maya, click the Xcam shelf tool or type xcam in the Mel box; a file browser window will pop up
  2. select your first mayaCam file (stored in same folder as the DLT coefficients)
  3. click Cancel when the next file browser window pops up (this window is for loading the x-ray images for rotoscoping; this step is not necessary for getting the camera angles)
  4. repeat for camera 2 and mayaCam file 2
  5. shift-select both cameras
  6. type xcamAngle in the Mel box