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  • Filename and Folder Organization
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Suggested Filename and Folder organization: This will result in some folders holding a couple dozen files but it will save time switching between folders during calibration and digitizing

  • Each day of video should have its own folder starting with the year-month-day (8 numbers) and the project title. Example 20080730myproject
  • The session folder should contain:
    • a single folder for each sequence during the session. Example: 20080730myproject05_S0003 where 05 = specimen #, S0003 is the sequence number
      • The sequence folder should contain video and .cih files from all cameras for the given sequence. Example: 20080730myproject05_C001S0003.avi where C001 specifies camera1.
    • grid images from each cameras
    • grid image .cih files
    • calibration images from all cameras
    • calibration .cih files
    • UNDTFORM.mat files for each camera (only after step1 in XrayProject)
    • UND.tif files for each grid image (only after step1 in XrayProject)
    • Undistorted calibration cube image files (only after step2 in XrayProject)
    • 3 .csv files for each camera: _DLTcoefs, _mayaCam.csv, and _xypts.csv (only after step3 in XrayProject)