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  • Folder organization for pig feeding data
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Folder organization (Specific to Pig Feeding Data): Each filming session has it's own folder named with the date, the animal(s) filmed, and the letter "F" for feeding (e.g. 20061218SusABF).

  • Within each session folder, there are four sub-folders:
    • Calibrations: Has calibrations grids for each camera. Grids for each camera may be in a separate folder. The .tif file with the UNDIST suffix is the undistorted version, and is the one that was used to calculate the DLT coefficients
    • DLTcoefs: Contains the DLT coefficients that are necessary for the Matlab procedure to calculate 3D coordinates. Use the file titled "cal01_DLTcoefs.csv"
    • Grids: Contains distorted and undistorted images of distortion grids, as well as the UNDTFORM.mat files for each camera that are used to undistort the distorted calibration grids
    • SusX: A separate folder is created for each animal and each trial. Within each trial folder, there should be two .avi files, one for camera 1 (C001) and one for camera 2 (C002). This is also where 3D digitized data will be saved. It should be saved with the same prefix as the trial name (e.g. 20061218SusBS05-01). Matlab will add on the appropriate suffix and will save four different files for each trial.