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CRITICAL UPDATE: Use new XMALab software for marker-based XROMM.
XMALab replaces MATLAB XrayProject. See 
Bitbucket XMALab wiki for XMALab User Manual (not this wiki). 

XROMM Introduction

X-Ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology (XROMM) is an X-ray imaging and computational process that produces precise and accurate 3D movies of skeletal movement. See and the publications below for general information about XROMM.

At Brown University we have developed three main approaches to XROMM:

  1. Marker-based XROMM workflow (Brainerd et al., 2010)
  2. Scientific Rotoscoping workflow, i.e. manual markerless XROMM (Gatesy et al., 2010)
  3. XROMM AutoScoper software, i.e. automated markerless XROMM (Miranda et al., 2011)

Storing and Managing XROMM Data

We have also developed the X-ray Motion Analysis Portal XMA Portal for storing, viewing and managing X-ray movie data and associated metadata.

XROMM Wiki and XMALab Bitbucket Wiki

XMALab is the new software for marker-based XROMM. It replaces the MATLAB XrayProject workflows. The XMALab User Manual Wiki and Downloads are on Bitbucket only. 

This XROMM wiki is now obsolete for marker-based XROMM, but still has useful information for Maya.

Tutorial for XMALab with example data is a great way to get started with XMALab.

XROMM Short Courses

A week-long introduction to XROMM is hosted by Brown University at the beginning of every summer. The course provides hands-on instruction in marker-based and markerless XROMM animation, analysis of 3D skeletal kinematics, data management and metadata curation, and demonstrations of biplanar x-ray equipment. Resources from past courses are available here.

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