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  • Measuring and exporting the distance between two points

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Measure the distance between two points on two bones over time

  1. In top menu select Create/Measure Tools/Distance Tool
  2. Select the newly created measure distance tool from left toolbar
  3. Click approximately on point 1
  4. Click approximately on point 2
  5. Move points 1 and 2 into exact positions (hint, if you hold down the "v" key while using the move tool, the locator will snap to a vertex on the bone)
  6. Select point 1 and shift-select bone 1; press P to parent point 1 to bone 1
  7. Repeat for point 2 and bone 2
  8. Select the distanceDimension object (far right of hypergraph)
  9. Click the exp tool in Maya XROMM Tools shelf
  10. Select Distance as the Data Type and click Export
  11. Name and save file