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The following steps can be avoided by exporting models as .obj in Amira. Maya can directly import .obj files but the following steps are required to use .wrl models in Maya. 

You must have the file wrl2ma.exe and your .wrl file(s) in a common folder (preferably on the top level of your drive ex: C:\wrl2ma)

  1. Go to Start<Run on the windows Taskbar
  2. Type: cmd
  3. hit enter or click on OK - a DOS prompt window will come up
  4. Type: cd C:\wrl2ma (changes the directory to the folder with wrl2ma.exe and your .wrl files)
  5. Type: wrl2ma -i yourfile.wrl -o (very large models may require several hours)

If this fails, close the window and open your .wrl file with wordpad or notepad.

if you see the following...

   ambientIntensity #
   diffuseColor # # #
   emissiveColor # # #
   specularColor # # #
   shininess #
   transparency #
... Delete it. Save and Close. Try steps 1-5 again.
The can be imported into Maya.

  1. Organize models
    • open Window<Hypergraph Hierarchy. Go to view<frame all. 
    • If using .wrl based models, maya imports 3 nodes, root-t1-t1shape2XX3.  You only need the bottom node of each model (t1Shape2XX3#). Middle mouse click and hold the bottom node and drag it to an empty space in the window. Now select the root and t1 nodes and hit the delete key. Select the t1Shape node again, right click and rename with the appropriate bone name.
    • If using .obj files maya imports a single mesh node. Rename it if you wish.
    • repeat for all models
    • You should now have a single node for each bone model and single node for the marker model (all of the markers)