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Crosscorrelation analysis program written by Nick Gidmark

requires the XrayProject script set, version 2.X.X or later.

For help, email

This script compares the shape of two kinematic waves (each must be its own .csv file, in a single column with a header row at the top) to see how much each must be offset

1. To install the program and set MatLab path:
1a. Download the crosscorr script and put it somewhere safe. Latest version added on July 08, 2011.
1b. If it isn't in the XrayProject folder or somewhere else with working scripts, go into the 'file' menu of Matlab and 'set path' to the folder it resides in. Matlab will not look at subfolders, so be sure it is the deepest directory possible.

2. To operate the script:
2a. Type 'crosscorr' without the quotes in the Matlab command line and hit enter.
2b. The gui will pop up and ask you to select wave file 1. Navigate to it and select it.
2c. Do the same with wave two.
2d. Follow the pop ups and change the search criteria as desired.
2e. The command line will print out the corellation coefficient, p-value, and lag time for optimum correlation.
2f. The user can elect to save the waves in a .csv file in their aligned, truncated state.  

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