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Image and video processing program written by Nick Gidmark

requires the XrayProject script set, version 2.X.X or later.

For help, email

1. To install the GUI and set MatLab path:
1a. Download the ImProc script and GUI (.m and .fig files, respectively) and put them somewhere safe. Latest version added on July 08, 2011.
1b. If it isn't in the XrayProject folder or somewhere else with working scripts, go into the 'file' menu of Matlab and 'set path' to the folder it resides in. Matlab will not look at subfolders, so be sure it is the deepest directory possible.

2. To operate the script:
2a. Type 'ImProc' without the quotes in the Matlab command line and hit enter.
2b. The gui will pop up. Start at the top by clicking 'Select File'. A window will pop up asking you to select a video. Navigate to the video you want to use and double click on it.
2c. Continue from the top and work your way down. Resetting the frame number will reset the record of changes to the image.
2d. If you would like to record the changes you made, click the 'save edits' button. If you've done this with a previous video, you can load those edits by clicking 'Load edits'.
2e. 'Save frame' will save the current image, in tiff format.
2f. Set frame start/end/frame step. Default is the entire video and a frame step of 1.
2g. Click 'Save movie' or 'Save tiff stack' to record a new image set with your edits.
2h. The first frame of your video will pop up, with the changes you made. Don't touch it.
2i. The second frame will pop up, replacing the first. Don't touch that one, either.
2j. As a matter of fact, don't touch anything for a while. If you start going on your email or anything, Matlab can record that instead of the frame of video. Just let your computer be.
2k. You may see in the Matlab command line a warning that the image is too big to fit on the screen so it is being displayed at some smaller size – that's fine. The video frames will not be this smaller size – they'll be original size. Next to the start button on the bottom left, you should see the word 'Busy'. That means the images are still processing. Each frame should take less than a second to make, though with longer videos the script starts to slow down at the end.
2l. Once the video is done processing, the last frame and the GUI will be automatically closed. There should be no more busy sign and the command line should have its normal >> thing at the bottom. Now you're ready to move on.
2m. The video will be saved in the same directory as the original, only it will have no name. Navigate to it and rename it to whatever you like.

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