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CRITICAL UPDATE: Use new XMALab software for marker-based XROMM, including Undistortion, Calibration, Marker Tracking, and Rigid Bodies.
XMALab replaces XrayProject. MATLAB is not necessary. See Bitbucket XMALab wiki for XMALab User Manual (not this wiki). 

XrayProject has been tested with versions up to MATLAB 2014a

Brown University Students and Faculty

  • Please follow the instructions from the Computer and Information Services. 
  • Please be aware it can take multiple days for your download request to be processed by Mathworks
  • Note: For people with expiring MATLAB licenses, there are also instructions for how to update a MATLAB computer license.

Non-Brown University XROMM Users

  • A trial version of MATLAB can be downloaded for free. Please be aware it can take multiple days for the download request to be processed by Mathworks.
  • There are toolboxes required for the XROMM workflow that do not automatically come with this trial version. Required toolboxes for the XROMM workflow are
  • These toolboxes can requested from Mathworks.
  • Many academic institutions also offer their own access to MATLAB licenses.


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