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What is an iClicker?

(taken from the iClicker website)

In simple terms, an audience response system applies the technology used on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" to a learning environment. Students can instantly provide feedback and answer questions posed by their instructors.

  • Each student uses a "clicker," a portable, handheld device that allows students to vote by "clicking" on the appropriate button for his/her choice.
  • Each instructor uses a receiver that collects votes sent by students' clickers. Light and portable, the receiver is powered through any computer's USB port.
  • Instructors present a question and enable polling.
  • Each student responds by "clicking" the appropriate button for his or her choice.
  • A wireless signal is sent immediately from each responding clicker to the receiver.
  • The receiver, through i>clicker's easy-to-use software, logs and stores the data of each individual student.
  • The instructor can then display voting results in a graph, to the audience.
  • The results are also available for later analysis, grading, and exporting to any gradebook software or course management system.

Using a clicker or audience response system can significantly change the way you and your students interact by enabling you to assess your students' knowledge, keep their attention, provide immediate feedback, and encourage all students to participate. An audience response system can also be used in conference settings to poll the audience on any content you wish.

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