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What is iTunesU at Brown (iT@B)?

iTunes U @ Brown (iT@b or iTab) - is a partnership between Brown and Apple that allows instructors to create iTunes U course sites on a Apple- hosted server. With iT@b instructors can:

  • upload digital content to their iTunes U course site to share with students
  • allow students to download content to their computer or their iPod 
  • have students submit digital assignments to a "dropbox" folder
  • create class podcasts and upload them to a class iT@B site

iTunes U @ Brown is accessed via

How do I request this service?

To request an iTunesU site for a class, go to the Courses.brown:

Once in the gateway, select the course you are interested in from your course list, or a course not listed from the course search tool.

In the Tools & Services tab, you will find a link to submit an iTunesU site request.

Then instructors can meet with their instructional technologist or attend an organized workshop to get training.

How does it work? 

Once an iTunesU site is created, registered students and auditors will have access to it. iTunes U @ Brown is available only to those with a Brown username and password.

Instructors typically load .mp3, video, or .pdf files to their iTunes U. sites. The students access it using their Web browser and iTunes U. Students may listen to the files and/or download them, depending on how the instructor has set up access. Some students will choose to load iTab files to their iPods.  Instructors can choose whether files are shareable or downloadable, or whether students may upload their own files.

iT@b sites are not reactivated each semester unless an instructor requests it in advance of the semester. Instructors should inform their instructional technologists at least two weeks before the semester that they will be using iTunes U again.  

iTunes U files are not archived by ITG. For this reason ITG recommends instructors keep their own copies of materials used in iTunes U.  In addition, anything students upload will not be archived by ITG. To keep any student work, instructors must download it.

Using the iTab interface

See the comprehensive iTunes U users' guide at

Creating audio files

Audacity is a free software for creating audio files. It is available at the Language Resource Center and in the CIT labs. For a training on Audacity, contact your instructional technologist.

Read our Technical Guidelines to learn more about the compatible file formats for iTunesU at

Equipment needed for iTunes @ Brown

To use iT@ab, instructors need only their computers, the recent version of iTunes software, and Internet access. For capturing lectures, instructors are outfitted by ITG with an iPod, a microphone, and training.

Students need a computer, the recent version of iTunes U software, and Internet access. Students who want to download materials to an iPod may borrow one from the IT Service Center There are a limited number of iPods, and microphones to lend each semester.  Instructors can arrange this through their instructional technologist. 


Visit Brown University's FAQ page for more information:


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