Roles and Responsibilities

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Changing Responsibilities as people assume different Roles in the Information Lifecycle

ASPECTS:    Search/Awareness, Critical Thinking, Knowledge Handling ... Fair Use, Licensing, Attribution ... Editor, Admin

  • critical thinking/ACRL competencies (navigation, filtering, iterative process)
  • current awareness services
  • subject librarians 
  • help web pages
  • downloading
  • copying
  • distributing
Compiler/Knowledge Manager
  • tagging
  • annotating
  • searching personal KM data
  • re-purposing
  • downloading
  • anthologies
  • sharing
  • mashing/attribution
  • Fair Use rules (purpose, amount, nature <fact v creation>, effect)
  • Public Domain
  • Orphan works
  • downloading
  • sharing
  • consulting for profit
  • citations/attribution
  • RoI analysis (citatin studies, ESI, JCR)
  • tenure support
  • verification
  • faculty portfolios
  • initial rights: reproduce copies, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, perform the work, display the work, transmit the work digitally
  • re-purposing: citations/attribution vs plagiarism <ethics>; concepts vs wording
  • Transformative vs Derivative  (crticism/parody vs concept infringement, compilations)  
  • posting to web
  • Intellectual property considerations (lab specimen regulations, possible profits, infringement)
  • Creative Commons
  • Open Access
  • peer review
  • Open Access
  • finances
  • RoI analysis (JCR ranking)



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