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WWUT Now #1: On the Road: Conferences & Travel, 11/28/07

Sarah Bordac: ASIS&T Conference Oct. 2007, Milwaukee, WI

  • Illustrates the gap between the interests and practices of users and the tools they use.
  • Users prefer to browse because it is often fastest, see tools examples PhotoMesa and Flamenco.
  • Accountability and trust are a concern to users.
    • Self-policing: why do Wikipedia and usenets generally work?
    • Most who interact online interact with people they know (Vizster: visualizing online social networks)
  • The user will find a way to get information that satisfies their need.
  • What are the interdisciplinary considerations for search tools? information literacy?
  • Information literacy: Assumption that (pre)teen learners have no IL skills is largely incorrect. They may use different terms and tools, but they have begun to establish these skills around their social and personal interests. (Eric Meyer, UW)

Jean Rainwater: Next Generation Library Catalogs at UMass Amherst 11/2007

Next Generation Library Catalogs - Five College DEDCC Program, 11/6/07
(see especially David Lindhal's presentation)
WorldCat Local - U Washington

Birkin Diana - ACCESS 2007 in Victoria , BC

Patricia Figueroa - LAMP project in Sao Paulo, Birri archive in Rome, Rare Book School in LA, and LIBER fair in Barcelona, Summer 2007

Interviews with ISiS and WESS librarians (including Patricia!) during LIBER 2007 - American Reads Spanish Television (click on "Eventos" and then "LIBER")

Anne Cerstvik Nolan - Charleston (SC) Conference - Five Good Reasons to Go

  • Best reason - it is in Charleston!
  • Opportunities to attend sessions with publishers, vendors, and librarians all put together.
  • Learn about new technologies and initiatives like SERU (Shared Electronic Resources Understanding).
  • Fabulous shoe shopping, and the best pralines ever.
  • Conference is only around 1,000 people, and you get the opportunity to talk with people at the top. For example, Ted Fons from III sat next to me at a presentation and I was able to ask him a question about our ERM. Shared a cab with Steven Rhind-Tutt, CEO of Alexander Street Press, and I met the CEO of ABC-CLIO last year. Lots of experts around to answer questions.

There are many other reasons to go; with such a blend of people in the industry, you get a chance to view many different perspectives and so you can learn a lot of practical bits to bring home. What started out as a conference for serials and acquisitions has morphed into a conference that still addresses those issues, but with an electronic resource twist on them.

This URL goes to the website for the conference to learn more: http://www.katina.info/moodle/mod/resource/view.php?id=570

Ali Hassan - MELA Nov. 2007, Sudan Jan. 2007

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