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Current Work:

  • Re-code use of SFX to populate ILLiad form; Use fixed, not positional, HTML code.
  • SFX menu development (easyB & GBS) at a standstill untill this happens
  • Test easyBorrow from SFX menu
  • Re-code Josiah search so that it occurs after authentication
  • Add "any edition" choice to authentication screen
  • Add "not needed after" choice to authentication screen?
  • Add "report a problem" link to user pages
  • Turn caching on for django easyB statistics
  • Funnel cancelled requests into easyB via redirect from staff email notification
  • Make use of xisbn and xoclcnum to improve user experience and reduce load on ILL


  • Fix problem with user tracking - opening new tab in safari loses patronid [done - jmr] 
  • When InRhode is down requests must pass to other services (they currently stop dead) [done - bjd]
  • Send email to Bart when requests have been in process for more than [30 minutes?] [done - jmr]
  • Implement Max's WC# to ISBN code [done - we think]
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