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Project 1 - Protest Design

Do protesters want, or need design? Are they interested in clearly, concisely, and quickly communicating their message? The recent uprising of occupy wall street spurred this investigation - through the creation of a hypothetical anonymous design firm dedicated to representing protesters and helping them communicate their cause, tell their story, and make their voice heard:

Protest design is an anonymous faction of designers, dedicated to helping organizations communicate their cause, tell their story, and make their voices hear through strong design work. We don't choose sides, and we don't critique politics, we simply help people communicate them. Our goal is a more informed global community. We design protests. Every protester needs to communicate their cause. Before we design anything, we consult. We help organizations formulate their voice, their identity. We bring the most important and provocative ideas of a cause to the forefront, then create design that communicates them. We create posters, flyers, banners, signs, websites, logos, identities. We also design innovative logistics for protests, choreography, performance, security, and mobilization.

Protest-Design website

Poster documentation

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