Radical Media Fall 11 - Student Work

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Student Work

Poster Projects

Assignment: Design, print, and distribute a radical poster. Write a brief artist statement (250-500 words) discussing your intentions, subject matter, and working process.

Ora Star Boncore - Not My Voice


Matt SmithS&M (Abu Ghraib Remix)

Atilio Barreda II - adobe.kuler+scribus, or time is $


Marie Atterbury - FREE?WAY

Nkechi Eze - Fill in the B


Quyen Ngo - Value$

Yeon Seung Hong - The Other Side of the Truth

Dani Lopez Goicochea - Alien (2011)


Arthur Schechter - They Do Not Know It

Ethan Beal-Brown - Bridge Art Gallery

Jennifer Vincent - ARCHITEXT

Helen Koh - Bona Fide Amerrka

Adriane Cloepfil - LLOYD

Greg Nemes - Protest-Design



Give an in-class presentation on one or more radical media project(s) of your choice.

Matt SmithYeon Seung Hong & Nkechi Eze - Popping the Virtual Bubble: Making Stalking Real (Now Invading the Bubble)

Arthur Schechter - Shoe Piece (Now Speculative Positions)

Greg Nemes & Jennifer Vincent Milk Crates - Participatory Architecture

NICOLAS JAAR Ethan Beal-Brown Quyen Ngo - Imaginary Dialogue

Dani Lopez Goicochea - Collaborative Photography

Adriane CloepfilHelen Koh[~abarreda] - Accessory Show/People are supplemental

Ora Star BoncoreJulien Nguyen - Nixon Agonistes

Social Practice Projects

Assignment: Working individually or in groups, conceive and realize a socially practice project. Use video to document it, and post the video online (5 minutes max).  For collaborative groups, each student must write a short statement (250-500 words) that discuss his or her role in the project.

Greg Nemes & Jennifer Vincent - ASSEMBLAGE AND DISPERSION

Dani Lopez Goicochea, Jennifer Vincent - LIMINALITY

Quyen Ngo - Phải Lên Tiếng / Speak Up Now!

Arthur Schechter - Speculative Positions

Nkechi Eze, Yeon Hong & Matt Smith - Invading the Bubble


Atilio Barreda II, Helen Koh, and Adriane Cloepfil - (Y)our First Retrospective

Ora Star Boncore and Julien Nguyen - Nixon Agonistes

Ethan Beal-Brown - Washing a Stone 


Dani Lopez Goicochea - The People's Park

Outline | Syllabus | Reading List | Resources | Production Two Manual | Mediography

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