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Julien Nguyen, 2011

Captain Kirk, dressed up in a new ship, courtesy of J.J Abrams and Paramount Studios (a franchise updated for the 21st century) violates the Temporal Prime Directive and returns to the fictions of Late 19th Century America.

The artist serves as the conduit through which they travel, the performance, conducted over the course of a day, allowing Enterprise and its crew to visit each one of the beautiful Newport mansions, their image preserved for posterity with his point-and-shoot Canon.


"A battle of annihilation can be carried out today according to the same plan devised by Hannibal in long forgotten times. The enemy front is not the goal of the principal attack. The mass of the troops and the reserves should not be concentrated against the enemy front; the essential is that the flanks be crushed. The wings should not be sought at the advanced points of the front but rather along the entire depth and extension of the enemy formation. The annihilation is completed through an attack against the enemy's rear... To bring about a decisive and annihilating victory requires an attack against the front and against one or both flanks..."

- Alfred von Schlieffen, Chief of the German General Staff, 1891-1906, Architect of the Schlieffen Plan

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