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Welcome to the Mellon Workshops! 

                                                                            Description of the Mellon Workshop Program

Brown's Mellon graduate workshops were established by a grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation in 2003 and renewed in 2008. The Mellon Graduate Workshops support graduate students in the humanities and humanistically oriented social sciences who are in the process of shaping and writing their dissertations by providing opportunities for formal collaboration and intellectual exchange. Workshops organized by graduate students run throughout the academic year and are administered by the Graduate School. Workshops focus on an intellectual problem or topic, provide a forum for discussions of dissertation work by students, and offer resources for at least three visiting scholars to attend and to present and discuss their work.

Mellon Graduate Workshops 2010-2011: 

Affect Unbounded

Between Text and Audience - Meaning and Influence

Contending with the Mind-Body Dualism in the Study of Religion, Ethics, and Philosophy

Food Studies

Free Will, Intentionality, and their Influence on Moral Judgment

Performance in the Americas

Postsocialist Eurasia

Re-uniting Fractured Disciplines - Intellectual Coherence and Methodological Consistency in Study of the Ancient Mediterranean World

Speculative Critique - The Politics of Theorizing Risk, Uncertainty, and Potential in a Biopolitical Age

On this site you will find links to sites which may be relevant to planning and organizing your workshop, space to post readings and art, and a forum in which your group can continue your conversations even after the meeting has broken up.  Please modify your space in any way which may be useful to you, and check back often with the main page, which is an ongoing project and will be updated periodically.

If you have any questions about how the wiki works or need any other Mellon support please contact Cecelia Weiss at cecelia_weiss at brown dot edu

Please click on the link below for more information and application procedures for the Mellon:

Brown Graduate School Mellon Site

Brief descriptions of the current workshops and their participants can be found on the main page for each group.  Please contact the individual coordinators for more information.


                                                                           Links of Potential Use to Current Coordinators

  • Brown University Dining and Catering:

Brown Dining and Catering

Catering Express

  • Booking a Room:

Scheduling Office

  • Financial Forms:

Reimbursement Request; Form 1                          

Reimbursement Online Instructions

Travel Expense Form; Form 2      

Guest Speaker Payment Authorization; Form 3    

Guest Speaker Payment Authorization Instructions

W9; Form 4                                                        

W9 Online Instructions

Meals and Hospitality; Form 5

Other forms which may be necessary can be found on the Controller's Website

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