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Cave Writing Development

excerpt from an email, Mar 8, 2008, after our last significant meeting, posted here now as a point of departure

Priorities from my pov:

  • develop facility with build/rebuilding the code, pass this knowledge on, and make some simple documentation for the processes
  • finish and round out the move to SourceForge and extract CW from dependence on specific development tools
  • introduce some appropriate versioning
  • iron out the initial minor bugs/legacy attachments to the previous installation at the ccv website
  • stick with the Java GUI for the time being and try adding a few user-requested features to the editor/viewer
  • find a way to provide (numerical) object-coordinate+orientation feedback in the previewer
  • see if there is any optimization that could be achieved with the way the previewer parses and loads objects for rendering (slow loading times still noticeable on most platforms, including new and faster dev machines in the Cave and new and faster machines actually running the Cave itself)

Longer term:

  • develop the GUI and consider bringing the GUI/viewer codebases together in some way
  • investigate any issues around Cave-to-Cave portability and clarify how this relates to the choice of graphics processing/rendering - how are G3D and OpenGL working together? And exactly how do this affect portability.
  • address performance issues (e.g. Cayley's recent discovery that the previewer for some reason runs slower & with marked inefficiencies on later and better (Mac) graphics hardware)



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