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Links for basic info and software installation
  • Mac Users: Download what you need here

  • PC Users: Download what you need here

  • For either installation: If you don't have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed, you must get the latest for your system from Extract the files that you downloaded above and put the CaveWriting folder somewhere sensible. Double-click the CWEditor(.jar) file inside the CaveWriting folder. 'Open' one of the samples within the folder also contained in CaveWriting and try to preview it with the 'Desktop Preview' button. Problems? : get further instruction and guidance during initial class meetings. 

  • Deprecated installation method (JNLP): If you click the following link, the latest Cave Writing Text Editor will be downloaded to your system and will also launch. NB: answer affirmatively to questions about trusting the software and its certificates.  

  • the original CaveWriting sourceforge site is still available with some now out-of-date information about the system, here: Cave Writing

  • [the following link to some CaveWriting 2006 documentation is deprecated but may still be of interest.]
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