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Cave Writing HowTo


  • You will be sent, by email, your CCV User ID (normally and preferably the same as your Brown User ID) and an initial password.
  • During the second or third class, you will go to the CCV and login on one of the 'development' machines (UNIX boxes on the local CCV network) using the initial password.
  • Immediately, open a terminal window (by right-clicking anywhere) and change the initial password using the command ...


NB: Passwords are case sensitive and they have to be 'strong' in that they must contain a mixture of letters and numbers.

  • Then run the following script ...


  • Now, launch a web browser (from the menubar) and navigate to the site so as to be able to install the Cave Writing software. Find the installation page or just click here, and install the software on your CCV account.
    • Important: when installing the Cave Writing software on the Unix development machines, when you click the installation link a dialog will come up that defaults to saving the file. You must change this to 'Open' and also navigate to the program that will open .jnlp files. To do this ...
    • Click the drop down beside 'Open ...' and select 'Other ...'
    • use the buttons to navigate to the top of the file system hierarchy, then down through the following path ...


    • and finally select 'javaws' (i.e. Java Web Start) and ...
    • tick the box that makes this a default action (for .jnlp files)
  • Lastly, Right-click on the background of your account desktop, selecting the menu item that opens a terminal, and type the following commands ...

  >cd ~/CaveWriting
  >cp /users/cayley/CaveWriting/run .

  • (NB: that's a space and a full stop at the end of the last command) ... answering 'y' for yes when you are warned that you are about to overwrite another file called 'run'.
  • You should be ready to launch the Cave Writing Text Editor, load a sample file or something you made and run the samples or your project in the Cave.
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