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Related Labels: seminar, flat_panel_display, wilson, moveable_seating, moveable_furniture, dvd_vcr, annotation, smart, flexible_seating

Page: Flexible Teaching
Spaces capable of quick reconfiguration can support different kinds of of activities. A group of learners should be able to move from listening to a speaker (traditional lecture or demonstration) to working in groups (team or projectbased activities) to working independently (reading, writing or accessing ...
Other labels: flat_panel_display, wilson, moveable_seating, flexible_seating, seminar, moveable_furniture
Page: J. Walter Wilson
seminar rooms with moveable furniture can accommodate 20 students and have been updated with the following enhanced teaching technology: Smart board annotation tool Large flat panel display Regionfree DVD Multistandard VHS
Other labels: flat_panel_display, moveable_seating, smart, dvd_vcr, annotation, seminar
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