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  1. Run XrayProject in MATLAB and click Digitize
  2. Click "Initialize". The control will prompts you for the number of cameras that are being used. For almost all XROMM applications, the answer is 2.
  3. You will be prompted for Camera 1 and Camera 2 UNDTFORM files.
  4. Next, you will be prompted for two movie files. The two videos will appear in the video window.
  5. The program will ask if the cameras are calibrated via DLT. Assuming that they have been created, pick the DLT coefficients file (the merged file DLTcoefs.csv for all cameras). You are now ready to load your previously digitized data.
    #On the dataviewer controls, click the load data button. You will be prompted to select a .csv file of the format *xypts.csv. This contains previously digitized data and will load the appropriate number of points and will apply the digitized data to the videos.