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h2. {color:blue}{*}X-Ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology (XROMM) is an x-ray imaging and computational process that produces precise and accurate 3D movies of skeletal movement.*{color} 


h4. See [|] for more information.{center}
h4. \* [Recent Changes and Downloads|Recent Changes]

h2. {color:blue}There are seven steps in the marker-based XROMM workflow:{color}

h3. 1) Implant radiopaque bone markers

h3. 2) Record biplanar x-ray videos of movement

* For Brown Users: [Getting trained and certified to use x-ray machines|Getting certified to use x-ray equipment] and [Operating C-arm x-ray machines during data collection|C-arm fluoroscope operating instructions]
* We recommend reading [Radiographics papers|X-Ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology (XROMM)^] for background on x-ray imaging

h3. 3) Analyze x-ray videos to extract XYZ coordinates of radiopaque markers

* [Digitizing x-ray movies using the MATLAB XrayProject.mat procedure|MATLAB XrayProject digitizing instructions]. (MATLAB scripts written by Ty Hedrick and Dave Baier, and modified and updated by Loretta Reiss)

h3. 4) Create 3D  polygonal bone surface models

* [Creating 3D models from CT scans using Amira software|Creating 3D CT models using Amira software]
* [Creating 3D models with Microscan Laser Scanner|Laser Scanning Protocol]
* [Creating 3D models with OsiriX]

h3. 5) Measure XYZ coordinates of markers relative to polygonal bone models

* [Instructions|Create a Setup Scene in Maya] for this step are available if you are working with models from CT scans. Laser scan procedures are different and instructions are not yet available.
* For CT models, this step is done in Maya using the [XROMM Maya Tools|Download and Install Maya MEL scripts]

h3. 6) Calculate rigid body kinematics from XYZ marker positions

* [Calculate Rigid Body Motion in Matlab]

h3. 7) Produce XROMM animations in Autodesk Maya

* [Maya Magic: Creating and analyzing XROMM animations using MATLAB and Autodesk Maya|Importing models into Maya and working with models]

h2. {color:blue}For markerless XROMM,{color} {color:blue}[create Maya x-ray cameras and load undistorted video into Maya|Recreate Xray cameras in Maya]{color}{color:blue#000000}, then create{color} {color:blue}[rotoscoping controls|Rotoscope Set-up]{color} or use the [ctx:Pan and Scan tool for Rotoscoping].

h4. \* Note: If you want to remove fluoroscope distortion from x-ray movies (i.e. undistort or correct the movies), use [X-rayProject version 2 or later|X-Ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology (XROMM)^]. We are no longer updating VideoCorrect or FluoroCorrect MATLAB programs. Undistorting a video is a two-step process: 1. [Create an \*UNDTFORM file|Creating an *UNDTFORM file] and 2. Click *Undistort Video* in the [X-rayProject window|MATLAB XrayProject digitizing instructions].