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Reload Digitized Data

  1. Re-open the DLTdataviewer. This requires following all of the same steps that were required to begin digitizing the first time (load .mat files, load .cine files, load DLT file
  2. On the dataviewer controls, click the Load data button. You will be prompted to select a .csv file of the format *xypts.csv. This contains previously digitized data and will load the appropriate number of points and will apply the digitized data to the videos. 
  3. A warning will appear that you should check the offset values. As long as these are still set to zero and you have not adjusted them when digitizing, you can ignore this warning.
  4. Notes:
    1. When the merged DLT has been modified, Shift+R will recalculate the xyz coordinates from the xy data (mouse pointer has to be over the video).
    2. To recalculate data, save with a different file name or discard the old xyz and res files.