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  • Measuring XYZ Coordinates of a Point Over Time

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Sometimes it is valuable to track (over time) the XYZ coordinates of a single point relative to a user-defined anatomical coordinate system. This is useful, for example, if soft tissue markers have been implanted and their movement relative to a coordinate system defined by the bones is of interest.

  1. Press the gLoc axes button in Maya XROMM Tools to create a Giant Locator
  2. Move and rotate the Giant Locator into position to define the Anatomical Coordinate System (ACS)
  3. Parent the giant_locator to the reference object (usually a bone)
  4. Create a regular locator for the point you want to track. Move it to the position you want to track (holding down the V key while moving the locator will snap it to the nearest point on a mesh).
  5. Parent regular locator to the animated movement of interest (usually either a bone or an animated locator)
  6. Press the oRel button in Maya XROMM Tools to output Relative Motion