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XROMM Undistorter Program

written by Ben Knorlein from the Center for Computation and Visualization at Brown University

Download program from Recent Changes and Downloads page. Available for Mac OS or Windows.

This stand-alone program calculates the undistortion transform from a punched-metal grid image. It can also be used to apply the transform to single images or stacks of images. These same steps can be done in the Matlab XrayProject program, but the stand-alone XROMM Undistorter is faster and is able to handle a wider range of grid images (e.g. with occlusions, intensity variations).

Main Interface

The program is controlled via the menubar. Four different menus are used, which are explained in the following:

  • Load grid
    • Allows you to load a grid image. The grid points are automatically detected after loading.. 
      *Save LookUpTable
    • Saves the current LookUpTable to a csv­File.* 
      *Load LookUpTable 
    • Loads a csv LookUpTable. 
  • Undistort Image Sequence 
    • Allows you to undistort an image sequence by using a dialog 

PDF Manual is available for Download