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  • Pan and Scan tools for Rotoscoping

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This tool allows you to manipulate the view of your rotoscoping camera without the attribute collection. Look through one of your x-ray cameras and press the PSDR tool on the XROMM tools shelf (XROMM_Maya_tools_2.0.7 and later). The mouse cursor will turn into a hand. Click on the screen with the hand. A window asking for the shader will appear:

Type in the name of the shader you applied to the bones you want to rotoscope. This will allow you to change the transparency of the bone. If you do not know the exact name of the shader you used, look in the hypershade window (Windows – Rendering editors – hypershade). You can select the shader you want and press the Insert Selection button to automatically enter that shader's name. If you did not assign a shader to the bone, type in the name of the material assigned (e.g. lambert1) and minimize the window (do not press Insert Selection).

Now, using the hand cursor, you will be able to zoom in and out, move left and right, up and down, rotate clockwise and counterclockwise and change the transparency of the bones with the following commands: