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Digitizing keyboard shortcuts may be found here.

To digitize new data, first load the videos, *UNDTFORM files, and DLT coefficients as described on the Matlab XrayProject digitizing instructions page. Image Removed
The digitizing controls are seen on the right. This is a description of its features.Image Added
Gamma: This sliding bar adjusts the luminance of both videos. This change will not be saved between digitizing sessions. It may help make markers more visible.
Frame offsets: This will probably not be adjusted. it changes the synchronization of frames, which is generally not desirable.
Frame number: Selects the frame number that the videos are on. You can use either the sliding bar or the text window to specify this.
Current point/Add a point: The drop down menu selects the point that you are actively digitizing. By default, sequences only have a single point specified. If you are going to be digitizing more than a single point, click 'Add a point' to add additional points. Then, use the drop down menu to select the point that you would like to digitize.