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  1. type butterBatch at the matlab prompt (or press the filterXYZ button on the XrayProject Window)
  2. enter the cutoff frequency, recording frequency (i.e. frame rate), and filter type
    Note: it is important to enter your correct frame rate. The default is 250 frames per second. It is also important to select an appropriate cutoff frequency; generally 5 to 10 times greater than the frequency of the motion in your videos
  3. select 1 or more files to process
  4. Original and filtered data will be plotted for the first data file
  5. files are saved in the original directory with BUTTER## appended to the
    end of the original file name. The ## specifies the cutoff frequency

Calculate Rigid Body Motion Procedure

  1. type XrayProject at the MATLAB prompt (if the XrayProject window is not already open)
  2. click Calculate Rigid Body Motion
  3. select the csv file with the marker coordinates (3D marker positions relative to polygonal mesh bone models)
  4. select your filtered data file (xyzptsButter)
  5. type the number of bones in the input box
  6. select the markers associated with each bone (omit any markers with all NaNs)
  7. save the file output.