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  • Importing mesh models into Maya from Horos

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  • In Maya, go to File -> Import
  • Make sure the file type is set to .obj
  • Select the file and click OK
  • Ignore the message: "Your obj file contains faces shared by multiple groups....")
  • Repeat for each model
  • Hover mouse over models and press number key 5 for "smooth shade."
  • Press number key 4 to toggle back to mesh view, and then 5 again
  • Placing each model into a separate layer makes it easy to turn visibility off and on.
    • Select the object you wish to create a layer for. 
    • On the right side of the screen, click on the Channel Box/Layer Editor tab.
    • Click Layers -> Create Layer from Selected
    • Double click on the "Layer1" and rename the layer to the name of the bone.
    • Clicking on the left box (highlighted in green) will make the object visible or invisible.
    • Clicking on the right box will (highlighted in yellow)
      • T- Make the object transparent
      • R- Make the object fully visible but unable to be selected