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  • Measure CT Marker Coordinates in Maya

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  1. Import bone and bb models
    • In Maya, go to file<import
    • Make sure the file type is set to .obj, .ma or BestGuess
    • select the file and click ok
    • repeat for each model
  2. Organize models
    • open Window<Hypergraph Hierarchy. Go to view<frame all. 
    • If using .wrl based models, maya imports 3 nodes, root-t1-t1shape2XX3.  You only need the bottom node of each model (t1Shape2XX3#). Middle mouse click and hold the bottom node and drag it to an empty space in the window. Now select the root and t1 nodes and hit the delete key. Select the t1Shape node again, right click and rename with the appropriate bone name.
    • If using .obj files maya imports a single mesh node. Rename it if you wish.
    • repeat for all models
    • You should now have a single node for each bone model and single node for the bb model
  3. Get get marker coordinates from the bb model marker models
    • In the main camera view window, select all bone models (but not the bb'smarkers). hit Hit ctrl+h on the keypad to hide all of the bones. Only the markers are showing.
    • Select the marker object
    • right click and select vertex from the marking menu
    • drag select the vertices for a single marker
    • click vAvg on the shelf bar or type vertAvg on the command line
    • You will be asked to enter the marker number (number only - no letters)
    • A locator is created with the xyz coordinates of the bb centroid. It will be name "marker##" where ## is the number you typed.
    • repeat for all markers
    • (hint: if you need to see the bones to determine marker numbers ctrl+Shift+h will unhide the bones)
  4. Export the CT marker data
    • select all of the locators that you just created.
    • click the expCT the CTex from the CTXtools Shelf
    • Save the .csv file
  5. Reset Bone element pivots
    • Select all marker locators for single bone (using shift select for multiple selection)
    • Shift select the bone associated with the selected markers
    • click the mvPv button on the CTXtools shelf
    • repeat for each bone
  6. Save the scene. You will reference this for all animations involving this individual animal