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  • Creating 3D models with 3D Slicer

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    1. Navigate to the Segment Editor module in the modules drop-down menu and click Add.

    2. Double-click on the segment name to rename it (e.g. “catfish_skull”) or change other properties such as color.
    3. In the Effects menu, you can use various tools to select a region of interest (ROI) for your mesh. It is easiest to select Threshold to generate a desired ROI.
    4. Adjust the Threshold slider to ensure that all desired bone areas are highlighted. You may also manually adjust the Threshold Range using the arrow keys. 
    5. Click Apply to apply your threshold settings.
    6. You can click on the Show 3D icon to see your current 3D mesh.
    7. If any adjustments have to be made, the Scissors tool is handy in removing unwanted artifacts. It is also useful for creating different meshes in 3D Slicer. To do so, simply Add a new segment and repeat these steps.
      1. NOTE: The Scissors tool applies ROI changes for the entire image sequence, not just the current frame. To eliminate an undesired portion of a single frame, the Erase tool can be used either in the 2D image window or in the 3D view window. 

     4. To export your mesh, click on the Segmentations icon.