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Here are the scripts used to generate the original well project: - Calculates and generates the timeline for falling in the well.
wellgen+/ - Generates the text objects that define the positive and negative sides of the well. If you consider a circle's equation, isolating y will give you a +/- sqrt expression. This, and me being lazy and not wanting to combine them, is essentially why there are two scripts. I had to rename the ++ one because the 'plus' symbol is illegal in wiki attachment file names.

This script is used to move the trees by a given (x,y,z) interval: It also adds index numbers to the tree objects.

Here's the original tree: Treescale1.xml. The treemover script can move this (or any other-sized tree, or, I believe, any set of objects) around.

Done as of 12/9/08:

  • Need a way to stop the above ground background music (perhaps splice the two songs into one?)
    • soln: attach the sounds to objects and make them fly away (10000, 10000, 10000) when you fall in.
  • Add O's to the inside of the well near the bottom so you know you're actually in a well.
    • never actually finished but it was deemed that this wasn't necessary
  • Add sounds to fruit
  • Add sounds to well
  • Add more indvl words/phrases/quotes in the well - make the well shrink and add the words' sounds.
    • note to self: can only see the words in front of you. - OBSOLETE (ROTATION IS ENABLED)

Done as of 12/2/08:

  • Add begin button 
  • Slowed Clouds
  • Fixed cave movement to trees
  • Add light to the inside of the well
  • make the grass (robert frost poem) more readable.
  • Fixed lighting
  • Fixed the sign - added the automatic fall so clicking the water is no longer necessary.
    • OBSOLETE: timed event so that if the user/reader/victim doesn't move to the well in a certain period of time, they're moved anyways....?? Or does the sign suffice?
      • the problem is that there's no "if" condition. work on this with events and timelines.
  • Add transition sounds

Done as of 12/1/08:

  • Add Alex's smaller (awesome) trees (make them bloom??)
  • blue sky jpg's and clouds
  • extend the grass
  • Fix the event - what's the deal with the y coordinate in the cave? it seems wishywashy.
    • Accomplished by deleting the motion-based fall-in event and adding a "look at object" event.
  • Add the indvl words/phrases/quotes in the field and incorporate their sounds.
    • note to self: can only see the words in front of you. - OBSOLETE (ROTATION IS ENABLED)
  • work on movement from tree to tree.

Done as of 11/16/08:

  • Optimize grass. The objects are too big and cause lag. Perhaps change their text.
  • Add grass on both sides of the well. Perhaps I can do something similar to the wellgen++ and wellgen-- system that I already used for the well. Also, need to incorporate the well into the grass placement. That is, make it so the grass goes around the well. This is probably easier to do using single objects than using coding.
  • Add the bob. Go under water then come back up.

note to self: can only see the words in front of you. THE USER CAN'T ROTATE BECAUSE WE'RE DISABLING MOVEMENT.
Okay, so I just tried to paste a bunch of my text/object-generating code here for preservation but the wiki seems to have problems with some illegal characters and crashes and gives me a bunch of horrible error messages. The simple solution: if you want to see my code, it's in my home folder.

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