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X-Ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology (XROMM) is an X-ray imaging and computational process that produces precise and accurate 3D movies of skeletal movement.

Visit for general information about XROMM. See Bitbucket XMALab wiki for XMALab User Manual. See Bitbucket MayaTools wiki for descriptions of each tool in the MayaTools Scripts.

 Downloads and Installation

— Download and configure Maya

To download XROMM MayaTools Scripts, see Bitbucket MayaTools for instructions

 Distortion Correction

Use XMALab software for Undistortion. See Bitbucket XMALab wiki for instructions.


Use XMALab software for Calibration. See Bitbucket XMALab wiki for instructions.

 Marker Tracking (i.e. Digitizing)

Use XMALab software for Marker tracking. See Bitbucket XMALab wiki for instructions.

 Horos 3D Models

The OsiriX open source project has been taken over by Horos Project consortium. Free 64-bit version from

3D Bone Models
3D Marker Models
Cleaning Models with Geomagic

 Calculate Rigid Body Motion
 Scientific Rotoscoping

 Autoscoper (in development)

 Tips and Tools

(lightbulb) Note: Regular Users of the wiki, please add any pages you use regularly
Open Newer Maya Files
Precision testing using frozen cadavers

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