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Animate Bones in Maya

  1. Make sure you have correctly imported the bone models, following the instructions.
  2. Select one of the bones.

  3. Select imp from the XROMM_Tools shelf tab. Select Browse to File and navigate to find the filtered rigid body transformations csv file exported from XMALab. 

  4. If you exported the rigid body transformations from XMALab as a combined file, rather than a single file for each bone, then "Import Subset of data columns" and enter the appropriate column numbers for the bone you selected.
  5. Select Data type: “Matrix (from svdRigid)” and Apply to: "selected object"

  6. Click "Preview original file" to look for column headers; check or uncheck (as appropriate) box for Column Headers in Row

  7. Click Import button.
  8. Repeat these steps for the other bones in your Maya scene. 
  9. Play your animation to see motion. You may need to expand the time range to include all of the animated frames (436 frames for the pig example data).