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  • Understanding Xray Camera Setups
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Understanding Xray Camera Setups

Once you have imported one or more Xray cameras into Maya, you can use them to check that your data makes sense. 

  • To look through either of the Xray cameras, select Panels -> Perspective -> [Desired camera]

  • When looking through these perspectives, imported Xray marker coordinates, cube marker coordinates, animation objects etc. should line up with the Xray behind them. The following are examples of what digitized markers and animated bones should look like.

  • (minus) If the cube marker coordinates, animation objects etc. don't line up with the Xray behind them, there is a mistake with your data. You should go back and check that you have done everything correctly so far. (minus)
  • Looking through the Persp camera (Panels -> Perspective -> Persp) you should also be able to toggle around the screen and see the whole scene as it was set up in the Xray lab. 
  • (minus) If the scene seems incorrect (Especially if the cube marker coordinates, animation objects etc. are behind the Xray plane) it is likely that something went wrong, and you should check that you have done everything correctly so far.  (minus)
  • If you imported an animation or image sequence, press play in the lower right corner of the screen to see the whole animation (orange circle). The cube marker coordinates, animation objects, etc. should continue to line up with the Xray Camera behind them.
    1. The animation range you wish to see must fit within the time in the Blue and Yellow boxes, where Blue is the start frame and Yellow is the end frame.
    2. Understanding how to play your animation
      1. The Green and Red boxes are the whole range that the animation sequence can currently be played from. 
      2. To play only part of that, you can change the numbers in the Blue and Yellow boxes.
      3. You can also drag the Purple dots to change the current segment being played (Blue and Yellow boxes). 
      4. The white number 90 and the 90 in the box indicate the current frame.
  • To change your view, click PSDR in the XROMM shelf.
    • To zoom in and out, click and hold the left mouse button and move your mouse left and right.
    • To pan, click and hold ctrl + left mouse button, and move the mouse left, right, up, or down.
    • To change the transparency of a bone model or markers, click and hold the middle mouse button, and move the mouse left and right.
  • If you wish to view the scene through both Xray Cameras at once,
    • Go to Panels -> Panel Editor -> Edit Layouts -> two planes side by side
    • Use Panels -> Perspective and select one of the two x-ray cams for each panel.
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