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  by Marie Atterbury


accessed 10/2011)

(Google Maps, accessed 10/2011)

The relocation of I-195 and subsequent freeing of over 20 acres of land in downtown Providence turn our attentions to the massive albeit oft overlooked giants that have snaked their way through the city for the past 50 years. Although Providence's highways have been often criticized for their association with increased suburbanization and dramatic exodus from the city in the 1950s, the I-way project reminds us that these people-moving structures are not only physical objects, but physical objects that occupy space, vast amounts of it.

Like Providence's post-war city planners, I started with a map of the city and cut away thick strips--through residential neighborhoods, downtown quarters, along the coast. Freeway is a map of providence with the land taken by highways removed, a fractured city.


At the site of the old I-195 land in the Jewelry District.

On the corner of Point St. and Eddy St., across from the Hess gas station.  

India Point Park pedestrian walkway

A map of the current poster locations can be found here

More photos can be found here

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